Demolition Imax – the next chapter…

Eerie picture of the last remaining structure at the site.

Eerie picture of the last remaining structure at the site.

Prior to the year 2002, approaching Bournemouth beach, residents and visitors were faced with stunning panoramic views. On the left, the breath-taking white chalk cliffs of the Isle of White, and to the right, the majestic views of Old Harry Rocks, and all along the shore, a seven mile stretch of golden sand. This natural beauty was tarnished in the late ninety’s as work began constructing the building which was been described as one of the ‘most hated building’s’ in England – The Imax.

But finally, after 15 long, and very agonizing years, the UK’s favourite seaside town Bournemouth has had its wishes of the Imax being demolished, and residents can now sigh in relief, as the worst building in the town’s history is now no more, and the light that shines through the last remaining structure of the Imax, shines bright – just like the hope and relief of the beautiful resort.

What will be replacing the Waterfront? In its mere life span, it seems that the Imax has always been cursed with bad luck – or maybe just bad ownership, but hopefully this time around, the new outdoor events arena will bring some prospect to the site. It is supposedly set to open in the summer months and is currently on schedule to do so. There was, however, a lot of debating and discussion regarding what was to replace the building in May 2010. The council even invited members of the public to vote in a survey to get a general consensus of what they would like to be built on the space. However, they ignored the results where the leading poll was for a tropical garden. Instead they went with the idea of an outdoor events arena which is, nonetheless, a great idea – considering Bournemouth is a growing town, with more and more holiday makers coming to the resort for the hot summer months. But now the Imax building has been demolished, it is easier for people to visualize something else. A new poll has been created to see what the public would still want.

One constant tool that has been used throughout the past few years to discuss ideas and the demolition process, is the social media. It has been a great way for  residents of Bournemouth and the rest of the world to keep up to date, via the internet.

Only time will tell what fate holds for this ‘cursed’ site – but hopefully, it only brings joy and happiness to this peaceful little town and its residents.


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