Lateness.. again…

I genuinely cannot believe it has been more than two months since I have last blogged. Despite my promise to myself to blog twice a week, I’ve been sucked into uni work and have found no time to write! Second year is definitely a lot different to the first, as we’ve been completely thrown into things whereas last year it was more of a gentle ease and so much has happened since I last posted!

Obviously, started year two of my university course and absolutely loving it this year – they always say it takes a while to settle down, especially coming from a school where I had been for seven years!

My biggest achievement so far is that I am just about writing at 80WPM for Shorthand. I never thought this day would come as I really wasn’t getting to grips with it, but now it is like something has clicked. And once you’re on the ball, every word you hear or see, in your head you are turning it into shorthand! Strange, but true. I even attempted 100WPM the other day and didn’t find it as difficult as I thought it would be so hopefully I’ll be there soon!

Another great thing is that me and a group of friends completed a seven-minute documentary about schizoaffective disorder. I will post this in the next few days, as I would like people to see it, and also get some more publicity for this terrible mental disorder which effects many people in the UK. There are a few mistakes, but it’s not bad for our first documentary!

I completed a weeks placement at my local newspaper – The Daily Echo Bournemouth, which was amazing. I learnt so much and everyone there were absolutely lovely, and made my time there so enjoyable. I had around ten of my articles published (once again will post these in the next few days) which I literally could not believe. It is the weirdest thing opening your local paper and seeing your name ‘By Fern Balch!’ I felt very proud, and cannot wait for more placements to come.

And finally, none other than good old Piers Morgan retweeted one of my tweets! Within ten minutes I had around 50 new followers, a stream of trolls saying really inoffensive things such as ‘who names their child Fern?’ (great trolling!). By the next day I had 200 new followers on my account, numerous retweets and around 70 favourites. Not bad considering I didn’t think he’d even see it!

I definitely am going to get back into the swing of things this time, and really mean it. I finish the first semester on Friday, so from then until the 6th January (excluding Chrimbo of course), I will be doing nothing but writing, blogging, practicing shorthand and working! And maybe drinking a few cheeky mulled wines here and there…


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