A fresh start… part 456850

Welcome to the redevelopment of my blog! Time and time again I have resorted to explaining why I have not posted in so long, but after one hell of a final year at university, and an incredible summer in the United States – I have the perfect excuse.

Now with time to spare, and having a flick through my archives of old blog posts, I think it is fair to say to myself that some were a little immature, and not the kind of thing I would want associated when applying for jobs nowadays. The time had definitely more than come to have a good old clear out, and rebrand my WordPress as something I would be proud of going forwards into my career. — Saying that, I am not disappointed in any of the posts. They may be a little (a lot!) cringeworthy, but it was all part of the development in my writing practice, just simply laying the foundations down for how I write today.

Partnered with some amazing work experience with companies including ITV, Heat magazine and my local newspaper, the Bournemouth Echo, I feel that my writing has become a lot more refined, and I think I have definitely found my particular niche. Now more than ever, I am entirely comfortable changing up the style or tone depending on what particular media platform I am writing for.

I am also extremely proud to say I will be graduating my Multimedia Journalism degree with a 2:1 classification, something which I never thought would be achievable. After three years of blood, sweat and tears, a few near misses, and a thousand breakdowns, I completed the unimaginable. If I was told I would be in this position five years ago, I probably wouldn’t believe it, so big up to me for getting my shit together!

The current goal as of present is to 1)  find myself a job which I love and am passionate about, 2) appreciate life….and 3) start paying off my university debt. DAMN. And regarding this blog, it’s out with some of the old, and in with the new. Enjoy!


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