The Body Shop ’til you drop

Unfortunately, as an extremely poor student it’s not often that I am able to have a good splurge up of beauty products. Recently though, there have been some amazing shopping deals on the iPhone app, Vouchercloud, that simply cannot be turned down. Beauty Store – The Body Shop were advertising the deal that if you spend £50 or over, you will receive a £25 off your purchase. To make this deal even better, a friend and I – both being great lovers of The Body Shop – decided to do the deal together and half the price once again. Therefore, for an amazing £12.50 – we both bought a bundle of products worth over £50. Now, to translate that into student terms – for the price of a bottle of Strongbow and a hangover McDonalds, I bought 5 different and amazing products that I could no longer live without. Let me introduce to you to the incredible Chocomania range…

ImageProducts from left to right: Chocomania Body Scrub, Chocomania Lip Butter, Chocomania Body Butter and Chocomania soap

To start with is the Chocomania Lip Butter at £4. I’ve used so many different butters and balms in the past such as the Vaseline Lip Therapy and Cherry Carmex Lip Balm. But over the past couple of winter months my lips have been so dry. Although this is natural when it is cold – balms and lip gloss’ have only made my lips look sticky with obvious dry dead cells, which is not an attractive look. However, since using the Choco Lip Butter, I’ve had the smoothest, fullest, and hydrated lips I think I’ve ever had. My natural lip colour is a lot pinker, I’ve had no awkward sticky dry lips and once again it smells great. If you’re not keen on having chocolate lips – The Body Shop does many different other flavour lip butters with various coloured pigments such as Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Sweet Lemon.

Top tip: After brushing your teeth, brush your lips in slow circular motions to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Then rub in the butter all around the lip, focusing on your cupids bow and bottom lip. This will create fuller lips with a natural tint from the blood flow.

Secondly, is the Chocomania Body Butter 50ml, at £5. I love so many different moisturisers and this is just another great one to add to the list. It’s nourishing, absorbed into the skin quickly and has the most amazing scent that you’ll probably get people trying to bite your arm off! Well, I hope not… Anyway, I have extremely dry elbows and knees and this moisturiser has seemed to stop this completely. It supposedly provides 48 hour hydration – I would probably disagree with this statement is I wanted to shower and moisturize the next day, but definitely think it could last up to 24 hours until the following day. I have tried using this on my face in very small amounts. Too much will make skin look greasy and extremely oily due to the buttery texture, however; it’s great in moderation on a dry T-Zone. This product is nice to have because of the smell, but I wouldn’t buy the big pot of it. The small one is the perfect size for dry spots such as hands, elbows, knees, (and toes?)

Top tip: Blend a small amount of the moisturiser with your foundation/fake tan to add a dewy and healthy glow to your face.

Next is the Chocomania Soap at £2. Honestly, I haven’t used as much of this as I have the others – mainly because I want to use up my old soap before using a new one (I’m weird like that). What I do know of it so far, is that it’s extremely hydrating just like the other products, and smells amazing. It has an extremely rich lather which is perfect for a morning wash before/after work. Definitely cannot wait to get the best use out of it – especially as I have 2 to use!!

Last but not least – and my personal favourite – is the Chocomania 200ml Body Scrub at £12.50. This is literally the best body scrub I have ever used. I cannot lie, as soon as I bought this I went home and showered with it straight away I was that excited. I did have a slight concern that as I have quite sensitive skin, I would end up in a rash because of the strong fragrance – but this wasn’t the case at all. My skin was left feeling so smooth and so nourished due to the real cocoa butter and organic sugar cane which stimulates the circulation in the skin and removes dead cells. This also made my skin feel as if I had already moisturised and definitely stepped up to the guarantee of 48 hour hydration. Now, yes I know – this is what a body scrub should do. But, this isn’t just any ordinary scrub. This scrub smells and looks like Betty Crockers double chocolate fudge icing. Once you open this baby, I can assure you, you will be holding yourself back from grabbing a spoon and eating it all up, no second thought (please don’t try this, I tried a bit and it most definitely doesn’t taste how it smells). So not only did my skin feel great, I actually smelt like Ms Crocker herself – and I loved it. If there is just one thing you buy from this review, please, please, please, buy this one, nothing but good can happen from smelling like a big chocolate cake (unless you’re diabetic, then I’m sorry).

Top tip: a great idea for using this as a salon style treatment without paying the price, then just scrub yourself down top to toe with this before having a shower (please do this in the bath or shower – I’m taking no blame for chocolate stained carpets!) Leave it on for around 5-10 minutes then shower as normal – it is the best!


The Chocomania Body Scrub – looks and smells fantastic!!

Just to remind readers that The Body Shop do have great work ethics and no products are tested on animals and all products are 100% vegetarian.

So if I’ve persuaded you that smelling like a chocolate fudge cake can do nothing but good for the world (!!) check out The Body Shop‘s website, for product’s, deals, and competitions!

If you want to check out some great deals in your local area, visit Vouchercloud by clicking here.