Sex and no city

It is fair to say that I love everything about New York. The fashion, the lights, the hustle and bustle, the smell of street pretzels, hell I even love the angry taxi drivers. But my biggest love about it – is a television programme that came out of it. No not Friends – although I do love that – but Sex and the City.

I have been a huge fan of Sex and the City from the young age of 10 when I went downstairs one night, way after my bed time to see my Mum, who was watching the 6th series finale on Channel 4 when Mr. Big races to the oh-so romantic Paris to save Carrie from the quite honestly creepy, Aleksandr Petrovsky. I wondered to myself then what the huge deal was when I saw my Mum welling up with happiness, but my poor little naive self did not understand or appreciate the love of love that consumes every female on this planet.

Anyway, nine years on, and a more suitable age; (being thirteen and watching a sex scene with your Mum isn’t the nicest thing), I can admit that now, I understand everything that little Fern never even thought about. However; on a boring Tuesday afternoon, after re-watching my Sex and the City box set for the nth-hundredth time, I decided that I wanted to see where it all began for the beautiful and very fabulous – Carrie Bradshaw, by watching The Carrie Diaries. And all I can say is that just like the adult series, I was hooked. Thirteen episodes down and one and a half weeks later, I have finished every episode. And loved every minute.

As silly as it may sound, but watching both Sex and the City and the Carrie Diaries inspired me to really start taking writing seriously again. I have become a bit lax over the summer as any other student becomes. But seeing how she started off with just a pen and paper, dreaming big – which led to her having her own column in the city newspaper just made me think maybe anyone could do it if they work hard enough. I think maybe Candace Bushnell designed the Carrie Bradshaw, not just on herself, but as a representation of every woman out there. Dreams can come true if you make it happen. And oddly enough, despite it being fictional, it made me realize what I want to see of my writing career, or journalism career in general.

Nevertheless, I find it difficult to be inspired when living in Bournemouth. Yes it’s a pretty town and it is filled with amazing sights and people, but it doesn’t hold as much opportunity as a big city could. I want to be able to walk down a street and see a crazy piece of clothing or person or artwork that could instantly make me want to write or blog or design. Unfortunately, walking down a little road and having to pick up your dog’s crap doesn’t involve that kind of inspiration!

sex and the city

This may not make much sense to some people, and I may sound like an absolute idiot for idolizing and taking inspiration from a fictional character, but as long as it’s motivating me, then that’s all that matters. I hope that in a couple of years I can look back at this and see that some of my aspirations have been achieved, and that I am a step closer to fulfilling my life long goals.

And as much as I wish I could be writing this from a cute little studio apartment in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, with the world outside my window – I’m sadly writing this on my bed in my small bedroom in the town of Bournemouth, listening to the sound of nothing but rain outside.

Oh well, maybe one day. A girl can dream.

Sex and the Town just doesn’t have the right ring to it.



Product Review: Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel

From the start of Summer, I have found that the hot air and humid weather has caused my makeup to look dry and lifeless by the end of the day, and sometimes even only a couple of hours after putting on makeup. I thought it was maybe because I had bought a different foundation, but after switching between a few, I realized that it was actually the powder blushers I was putting on my face. So ever since this discovery, I became a huge fan of using cream blushers, and even used my favourite pink lipstick on my cheeks as to create a fresh and dewy glow to the skin that lasts all day without any appearance of dry skin.

However, I was still struggling with the fact that despite having nice pink cheeks, powder bronzers were still drying my face out, so I decided to research into various cream bronzers on the market. I’m all for contouring the face so I needed a product that would allow me to contour my face as usual, without it being too ‘cakey’ on the skin. Unfortunately, there are not many products like this on the market at all, especially in the cheaper brands, which meant that I would have to spend a fair bit in order to get what I wanted. When I went to my local MAC counter, I was told they did one but it would only be found in their London stores. This would end up being an extremely expensive product – including travel fares! So, I continued my search high and low when I found myself at the holy grail – the Chanel counter. I’ve never even bothered to venture to this counter because I just know on a student budget, I would most likely be judged for being a peasant looking at expensive products I could never afford!

But this time, I didn’t care, because I discovered a product that met all the criteria I needed and is now a product I can no longer live without – Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel.


It has a gorgeous creamy texture that blends perfectly with foundation when applied on the skin with a buffing brush. It’s an extremely versatile product and you can create various different looks from this one product. For example, you can easily build it up if you want a darker look for a night out, blend it in softly with a paler foundation if you want the appearance of a face tan, wear it as a foundation if you already have darker skin, or even on its own just to add some depth and coverage on a clean face.

What is great about this product is that although it may be quite expensive for a student, it is of high quality and is good value for money. I managed to get mine from Beales Bournemouth on a 10% discount day, so for £27.90 I got a 30g pot, which after two months, hasn’t barely even shown a reduction in product. Also, it is the most amazing smelling product I’ve ever used on my face!

Whilst using it, I have definitely found that my makeup looks a lot cleaner, and I am not getting as many spots, simply because the bronzer has a light coverage, and therefore does not clog the skin like a powder does. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lasted me until the rest of the year, so it really is worth the money.

However, since purchasing this bronzer, Bourjois have released their own dupe called the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer for only £9.99. I have heard some good reviews about this product so maybe next time I’ll give this a try before spending a load of money on the Universel.

Nevertheless, it’s the first Chanel product I’ve ever purchased, and although I won’t be buying anything else from there in a hurry, it’s clear that Chanel never fails to provide great, high quality products whether it is makeup – or fashion!